High pressure cleaning is the most effective way to clean hard external surfaces such as concrete driveways, patios, paths, pavers and boat ramps. Guttermen OZ provides cheap gutter cleaning and pressure cleaning for Gold Coast homes and businesses.

These days many Australian households own a small pressure cleaner which may be good for washing down a boat or a bike but is not designed to take on big jobs like driveways.

It simply takes far too long unless you have the right equipment.

Whether your surface is made out of cement, slate, pebble crete, stencil crete, sandstone, exposed aggregate, bricks or pavers, we can bring new life and vibrancy to something that is old and tired looking.

Guttermen OZ uses 2 types of pressure cleaners depending upon the job at hand.

Pressure Cleaning

Method 1. The Whirlaway

The Whirlaway (pictured) is connected to a 4000psi pressure cleaner. It works with a pair of water jets attached to an arm underneath which spins very, very quickly.

The high-pressure water jets create a cushioning effect, a bit like a hovercraft uses compressed air to hover. It is a very effective and efficient cleaner and is designed to clean driveways, patios, paths and the like.

Method 2.  High-Pressure Wand

Our high-pressure wand works on the same principle as a small domestic pressure cleaner but it is driven by a very powerful 4000psi pressure cleaner.

The wand is used to get to the hard to reach places and to the places that the Whirlaway cannot reach. We have different attachments designed to suit different purposes. The turbo nozzle is the most powerful and directional and is something that we treat with the greatest respect because it is so powerful that it will drill a hole through a piece of 2cm thick pine in just seconds.

Having the right equipment is a must for all professionals and at Guttermen OZ we have spared no expense to be equipped with the best. Give us a try.

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Gutter Cleaning

Roof Gutters Cleaned Gold Coast to Tweed Heads

Guttermen OZ roofing professionals will clean your roof gutters for you. We are fully qualified to work at heights with full insurance and public liability. With our state of the art, high powered vacuum we will have your roof and gutters back to working the way they should in no time at all.

Solar Panel Wash

Solar Panel Cleaning

Do you have solar panels on your roof? Dirt build up reduces the panel’s ability to work efficiently. Things such as dust, dirt, bird droppings, sap, pollen, moss, algae and ocean salt (coastal areas) all build up over time which reduces how much electricity is produced.

Gutter Guard Installation

gutter guard installation gold coast

Gutter Guard is installed to cover roof gutters and box gutters to help stop leaf and debris build up. To Protect and maintain your roof guttering we recommend the use of high quality aluminium mesh gutter guard which is fixed to the gutter. This mesh carries a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee.