Expert Solar Panel Cleaning for Peak Performance

Guttermen OZ is a leading provider of solar panel cleaning services on the Gold Coast. We offer a comprehensive solar panel cleaning service that will leave your panels looking like new. Our team of experienced and qualified solar panel cleaners will clean your panels using the latest purpose made solar panel cleaning equipment and the latest techniques, ensuring a thorough clean every time.


Prevent Power Loss: Solar Panel Cleaning Services For Efficient Energy Generation


Rainwater on its own helps with reducing dust build-up and the like, but it doesn’t clean solar panels of all the grime that builds up over time.

Just like with a car windscreen, you need to use your windscreen wipers to get rid of road grime build up, the same principle applies to solar panels. Rainwater does not do the job on its own.

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How Much Electricity Do Dirty Solar Panels Lose?


The amount of electricity being generated by your solar panels is adversely affected by dirt and grime build-up on the panels.

Solar panels are comprised of many small units called photovoltaic cells. These cells covert sunlight into electricity. If sunlight is shielded or blocked from penetrating the panel and hitting the cells, then the shielded cells do not produce electricity.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, experts agree that the loss in electricity production reaches as high as 25% in some areas. This figure is backed up by SEPA (Solar Electric Power Association) which is a non-profit organization which offers information and advice about solar power.

Some areas are more prone to grime build up than others. The pitch of the roof is another contributing factor along with salt spray in coastal areas, bird droppings, mould, moss, dust and grime fallout. Dirt does not need to cover an entire solar panel to have a negative impact on performance.


*DIY Solar Panel Cleaning Can Be Dangerous*


The panel cleaning process uses water which in turn flows onto the roof and can make it slippery and very unsafe to walk on without the correct equipment.

Our advice is to leave it to the professionals.

We also provide pressure cleaning for rooftops, gutters, and driveways.

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Gutter Cleaning

gutter cleaning

Guttermen OZ the roofing professionals will clean your roof gutters for you. We are fully qualified to work at heights with full insurance and public liability. With our state of the art, high powered vacuum we will have your roof and gutters back to working the way they should in no time at all.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning

Get your exterior back to looking new, the way it used to look. Our high powered pressure cleaner has multiple attachments to suit the job at hand. Guttermen OZ will get your property back to looking like new again. We will get rid of mould, moss, algae, and dirt build up.

Gutter Guard Installation

Gutter Guard is installed to cover roof gutters and box gutters to help stop leaf and debris build up. To Protect and maintain your roof guttering we recommend the use of high quality aluminium mesh gutter guard which is fixed to the gutter. This mesh carries a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee.